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Understanding the Integrative Design Process in 5 minutes

The Integrative Design Process (IDP): An Optimized Design Process for Maximized Performance

What is the Integrative Design Process (IDP)?

The IDP is “an iterative process that relies on a multidisciplinary and collaborative team whose members make decisions together at an early stage of the project based on a shared vision and holistic understanding of the project.” This collaboration of many specialists creates a process of continuous learning and improvement, to achieve our goals of a high-performance building.

What are the benefits of the Integrative Design Process?
The IDP's main goal is to achieve high performance, but it also allows your project to stay on schedule and on budget.

It minimizes the building's energy demand and allows for HVAC system downsizing which in turn saves on construction costs. This type of process relies on computer simulations to inform the design and anticipate any changes to be made before the project gets too far along. Pushing the workload at the start of a project gives room to troubleshoot eventual issues which are covered later in the design process and are very likely to be more costly and difficult to implement.

How do I apply an IDP process to my project?

Discover The Green Design Brief!, a high result-driven process that was created so that our clients could easily implement it internally on their projects and achieve green building standards. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to support you on your green building project.


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