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February 9th 2023
1 pm to 7 pm

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Beyond emission reductions   |   Beyond maximized efficiency   |   Beyond net zero

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From taking advantage of site and climatic conditions, responsible material selections to decarbonizing our energy resources, we have the potential through design, construction and building operations to go beyond compensating for our own direct and indirect emissions. The Green Real Estate - Beyond Net Zero will explore means to rethink our buildings beyond reducing their environmental footprint, beyond maximizing their efficiency and beyond simply balancing their impact. The next generation of buildings will be built in total harmony with the planet's ecosystem, fostering positive human health and prosperity way beyond the physical boundaries of the building itself.


Join us and key industry leaders as we witness exemplary designs and innovations supporting the race beyond net zero.

The Event

We’ve designed a turnkey event where attendees will comprehend the economic drivers of green project development, gain technical knowledge on green building implementation, witness real case studies, find out about the latest building products and connect with the right partners, all in one place.


  • Real estate investors

  • Building owners

  • Hospitality, commercial and residential stakeholders

  • Corporate tenants, CFOs and HRs

  • Developers

  • Design firms 

  • Architects and engineers

  • Building consultants

  • Construction planners

  • Project Management companies

  • Product, material and technology suppliers

Why Should You Attend?

  • Grasp market trends and growing expectations of customers and employees for responsible and sustainability engaged businesses

  • Grasp market trends, regulations and targets set by institutions and corporations joining the race to zero

  • Capture the business case and discover financial instruments for the development of net zero performance buildings

  • Understand design, construction and operational implications of going beyond net zero

  • Discover innovative materials and technologies that support the development of net zero buildings

  • See first hand concepts and sustainable design features being implemented in high environmental performance projects developed in the region

  • Engage with property developers, design firms, consultants and financial institutions facilitating commercial green real estate in Thailand and ASEAN.

  • Demonstrate strong corporate engagement and climate commitment to your stakeholders

Beyond emission reductions
Beyond maximized efficiency
Beyond net zero

"With 40% of global carbon emissions coming from the real estate sector, the race to net zero has never been more relevant. Therefore, complying with recognized ESG measures to cut GHG emissions is not only essential for capital raising and financing, but also for the well-being of our future generations."
Trey Archer, Business Development Director Asia, GRESB



A Sustainable Future: The Importance of ESG Compliance in the Race to Net Zero

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Trey Archer will lead a talk about: “A Sustainable Future: The Importance of ESG Compliance in the Race to Net Zero”. In this talk, Trey will share the implementation process, criteria and benefits of assessing your building assets and the pathway towards net zero with GRESB.

GRESB is a leading institution ESG benchmarking and rating for real assets. They provide investors, owners and building managers with a framework to benchmark buildings environmental performance, measure and report achievements.

Trey Archer
Business Development Director Asia


An environmentally-friendly affordable residential project in Phuket

Blake Olafson will share about HOMA Phuket Town, the first LEED and EDGE Advanced certified residential project in Thailand, reducing around 325 tonnes of CO2-equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions per year.

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Blake Olafson
Founder & Managing Partner 

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Green Concrete: innovations for low carbon buildings

In this talk, Thanat Kriausakul will explain how Pruksa’s implementation of the CarbonCure technology and their precast factory reduce the embodied carbon of their residential developments.


Thanat Kriausakul
VP Sustainability Technical Expert 

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Green Energy Tech Talk

During this conference, Thanai Potisat will explain how hydrogen is fueling energy decarbonization and its applications for energy storage in the built environment.


Tanai Potisat
Expert SEA Business Development Manager

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Our Partners


Our Media Partners

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The event is closed door with a limited seats available for both seminar and business matching sessions, so if you’re interested in taking part in it, let us know!



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Market insight, solution tech talks, project showcase
February 9th 2023
1 pm to 7 pm

Be part of those shaping the green future of real estate.

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