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Market insight, solution tech talks, project showcase
November 22nd 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
2pm to 7pm

We’ve designed a turnkey event where attendees will comprehend the economic drivers of green project development, gain technical knowledge on green building implementation, witness real case studies, find out about the latest building products and connect with the right partners, all in one place.


"Attendees can look forward to a highly anticipated interview with Frasers Property, developer behind Bangkok’s exemplary green project The PARQ"
Property Report


Designed around true knowledge sharing and effective collaboration, attendees will get the opportunity to go back with business case evidence for green commercial developments, on the market solutions and approaches and potential partners working in the industry.


Developers, design firms, architects and engineers, building consultants, construction planners, project management companies, real estate Investors, product & material suppliers.


Key Takeaways for


  • Grasp market trends and the business case for green real estate development

  • Apprehend the financial value and risk mitigation of green building assets

  • Learn about the green funding spectrum and urban and environmental regulations impacting the development of projects in Thailand and ASEAN

Key Takeaways for


  • Discover the financial, marketing and emotional motivations for investing and developing green real estate in the region

  • Understand the team dynamics, building standards and regulations impacting the design and construction process of green developments

  • See first hand concepts and sustainable design features being implemented in projects developed in Thailand

Key Takeaways for
Design firms & Architects 

  • Learn about design techniques specially tailored for green projects in tropical climates

  • Know about products and solutions which will help you achieve green building certification

  • Explore partnership opportunities with land owners and real estate developers

TGRE Takeaways

Step into Asia's Green and Smart Real Estate

"Investments in green buildings in emerging markets is projected to reach as high as $3.4 trillion"
 International Finance Corporation.


Tech Talks




From concept to blueprint : sustainability is designed before experienced
Embedding wellbeing through technology: the subtle balance between visual and thermal comfort
Healthy foundations : the material component of healthy indoor environments
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Coffee Break


Half day single track event from 2PM to 7PM.

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Developer Interview
Panel Discussion
Project Showcase
Behind the scenes of The PARQ
Green development appraisal : market overview, regulation review, financial spectrum


Networking cocktail
Understanding the drivers and challenges of developing green, smart and healthy buildings in Thailand
TGRE Content
TGRE Program
Solution Tech Talks
Design, material and technology

During these tech talks, key industry segment experts will address both the technical aspects and the business specifics of a particular building topic and its green building solution.


Olivier Gibert, Managing Director of Somfy Thailand will be speaking about embedding sustainability through technology in the objective of improving comfort of occupants and the energy performance of buildings. As for Sompun Leelapunyaporn, Group Product Manager for Saint Gobain Gyproc, he will be explaining how materials play a role on the air we breathe in our buildings.


Armelle Le Bihan, founder and CEO of Green Building Consulting & Engineering, will be sharing best practices on how to translate sustainability intents into actionable performant design blueprints.

3 speakers |  2:15 - 3:30pm | Tech talks

Developer Sessions
Project showcase

In this exclusive behind the scenes, the developer of The PARQ, Frasers Property, will be sharing the motivations and challenges of developing the designed to be “ first mixed-use building to achieve WELL Certification in Thailand.”


Get empowered by The PARQ, a cutting-edge, innovative development with people and planet at heart which “redefines what it means to work, live and play in Bangkok.”

2 speakers |  3:50 - 4:35pm | Interview

Green Appraisal Panel
Market insight, regulation landscape, financial spectrum

The expert-driven panel intends to draw a value narrative for green real estate in the region. The panel conversation will address the market trends, green financing and legal aspects supporting the adoption of green commercial developement.

Andrew Gulbrandson, Associate Director and Head of Research and Consulting at JLL Thailand will present green building market intelligence on the Thai and ASEAN market and share his views on the factors driving such developments.


Audray Souche, Managing Director & Partner at DFDL will be sharing her insight about the regulation landscape of green building certifications as well as energy efficiency and investment incentives to develop and retrofit buildings in Thailand. 

A financial institution (TBA) will elaborate on the funding opportunities for such green projects and how these are entrusting investors regionally.

3 speakers |  4:35 - 5:20pm | Panel discussion


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Chief Resilience Officer


Olivier Gibert

General Manager