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As co-chair of the Multi-Chamber Sustainability Committee in Thailand, GBCE is  the creator, lead designer and organizer of the Sustainability for Business Forum in Bangkok where over 200 participants gather yearly to get inspired and empowered to create business value with practical solutions driven by environmental, social and economic performance.

The event, today in its third edition is supported by the government and remains the only business event in Bangkok dedicated to integrating sustainability in business organizations, infrastructure and operations.

Through this event, we aim to raise awareness on the financial, staff attractivity and brand value of sustainability and showcase businesses which have leveraged from it in order to engage other businesses in delivering products and services to their customers while managing their impact on the planet and society.


Our inspiring corporate executives, business practitioners and service providers will bring up-to-date insights, bold ideas, innovations, business solutions and applications of the latest sustainable trends.


Our speakers and moderators will be connecting big ideas to engage your employees, improve your company’s reputation and increase the profitability of your business.


SBF20 for a Green Recovery

Every year, we aim to deliver content which is timely, responds to local and global challenges, showcases innovative solutions and is actionable here and now. This year will be no different and will address the challenges we are facing in these unprecedented times. We could not talk about sustainability without talking about the covid crisis. Firstly because the two are deeply intertwined as we realize that the health of our environment is a prerequisite to ours and that our economic systems depend on human welfare. And secondly because while the economic world has been put at a stop, our environmental and social distress have not been on lockdown, quite the contrary. It is now more crucial than ever to think of our businesses within our ecological limits and in respect of human life in an aim to foster their resiliency long term. The idea that businesses should have a meaningful purpose and positively contribute to society is being brought forward at all levels of governance and operations and across industries which begs the question: what should be businesses' role in the common public good. 

Smart Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Sustainable Lifestyle

Fashion & Beauty

Food of The Future

TRACK 1: Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Synopsis: smart urban planning, resilient infrastructure, resource and  transit management, community centered design, urban supply chains and innovative living solutions which will define the liveability, health, quality of life, security, economic prosperity,environmental well-being and resilience of ASEAN cities in a post pandemic world. We will discuss how to make cities more resilient to crises, what can be learned from the covid management for climate change adaptation; what will cities offer in a new normal work play living environment; take from forward thinking examples of shorter and relocalized supply cycles, socially inclusive communities, human centric and holistic planning, revised usage of infrastructure and rethink urban systems towards self sufficiency 


TRACK 2: Sustainable Lifestyles - Fashion & Beauty

Synopsis: textile, beauty and supply chain sustainable innovations which are decarbonizing and reducing the environmental footprint of their value chain while improving the welfare and wealth of people and communities they employ and serve. We will look at how the sustainability agenda works in pair with the pandemic recovery plans and how cross collaborations in advanced sustainability can bring greater business resilience.

TRACK 3: Food of the Future

Synopsis: innovation to move forward healthy food, sustainable supply chain and viable agriculture which are securing safer products for consumers, better revenue and environment for farmers communities and growing income for companies. After Covid 19 experience the food industry is now challenged to strengthen hygiene and health standards and measures and to shorten supply chain and support and collaborate with local producers. 



Synopsis: Speakers within the CEO panel are participating by invitation only and will consist of  3 to 4 CEOs from regional and global companies who have implemented sustainability transversely through their business organization, infrastructure, operations and supply chain. 

Tentative Programme

13h30     Registration

14h00     Opening Ceremony by French and Dutch Ambassadors 

14h30      Parallel Topic Sessions

15h45      Networking Break

16h15       Parallel Topic Sessions

17h30      Executive Panel – Sustainability as a Corporate Strategy

18h30      Networking Cocktail

Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 8th 2020
Time: 13.00 - 20.00

Location: Mariott Marquis Queen's Park Bangkok

Registration fees:

Pre-paids: 1,300 THB for Members/ 1,600 THB for Non-Members

Walk-ins : 1,600 THB  for Members/ 1,900 THB for Non-Members


Download the Agenda here


5 Topics

  • Green Energy

  • Health& Wellbeing

  • Air Pollution and Waste

  • Education at the Workplace

  • Selling and Marketing Sustainability

250 participants

35 speakers



The Sustainability For Business Forum 2018 was divided in five different tracks including four social and environmental initiatives tracks and one industry focused track on the hospitality sector. It was conducted through panel discussions on specific thematics and duo presentations with a company and its service provider (demand/supply approach).



Impactful investment in societies

Wellbeing and diversity in the workplace


Green Tech and Smart Buildings

Sustainable Value Chain


Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector



More than 150 participants