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LEED Services

Get your project certified by the most recognized building environmental certification program in the world.

The LEED Certification System


LEED Certification is an internationally recognized certification for green buildings. The guide is designed as a framework to design, build and operate high performance buildings from an environmental and human comfort point of view.

We thrive to work with clients who have the genuine motivation to undertake projects with a strong environmental standpoint. As sustainable building experts, our mission is to support our clients and their stakeholders in decarbonizing and rehumanizing the building environment. We believe in the power of architecture to reconcile humans and the natural environment and by these means drive our societies and cultures towards a low carbon economy inclusive of all species. Our integrative design process and bioclimatic design approach allows us to deliver projects which make sense, demonstrate environmental excellence and support our and our client’s brands ambitions to exceed Paris Climate Agreements.


The successful development of a high performance sustainable building is an endeavor that starts at the early stages of a project and which is followed through architecture and engineering wise throughout the whale project development. LEED certification is intended to be a framework applied to the lifecycle of a building, throughout the design and construction stages of a building all the way to its usage by occupants and reuse or redevelopment. Only by considering circulararity and sustainability as guiding principles from the start are we able to truly implement strategies that are good to the planet and people all while making business sense. (see our blog post on Planning LEED in the design phases of a development project


We can support you from the early planning and strategic conceptualization of your project, through the design development of a LEED building until occupancy and the receipt of your project’s LEED certificate.

What is LEED?

Have a look at our dedicated LEED Blog for more insights

Scope of Services

  • Preliminary Analysis: site, climate, program and financial context analysis

  • Definition of LEED Objectives: strategy development, sustainability dashboard and quantified KPIs for high environmental performance and LEED compliance

  • LEED Feasibility Study: detailed assessment of the project against LEED criteria (see details below)

  • Design Optimization: interactive and iterative workshops during the concept, schematic and design development stages in order to integrate LEED requirements into the design

  • Design Review: periodic project review submitted by the design team in relation to the LEED credits pursued (concept, schematic, detailed design)

  • High Performance Building Specifications: architecture, landscaping, MEP, lighting, energy production in relation to LEED requirements

  • Budget and LEED Premium Costs Estimates: estimation of LEED additional costs over standard construction costs

  • LEED Certification Facilitation: technical and administrative support in the execution of LEED, LEED task list per discipline, specific credit workshops, coordination and preparation of LEED documentation and liaison with the USGBC or equivalent

  • LEED Modeling: preliminary and parametric energy simulations, mandatory energy modeling for LEED credits, daylight modeling, CFD modeling for natural ventilation potential, renewable energy production calculations 

  • Support in the Development of Construction Documents: technical green specifications to include in RFQs, supplier evaluation matrix, review of materials, technology and product performance, selection of suppliers in connection with project’s sustainable objectives

  • Project Management and Coordination for LEED implementation (until LEED certificate is awarded)

Modern House

Contact us today to register your project in the most recognized building environmental certification program. 

LEED Feasibility Study or Gap Analysis

The LEED Feasibility or LEED Gap Analysis is a detailed and realistic assessment of your project against LEED requirements. This study establishes a budgeted and scheduled action plan for the following design phases in order to reach the desired LEED level.


Whether you are developing a new construction, undertaking a major renovation or optimizing an existing building, a LEED feasibility allows you to assess your project performance against LEED requirements, estimate the level of certification your project can achieve and determine the programmatic and design strategies to implement to reach it.


For a new construction or major renovation, we will analyze the proposed project against LEED requirements in concept and schematic design stages. This will result in a credit by credit matrix that will determine which credits are reached, which ones could be reached with design optimization and which ones are unachievable. For each of the credits which require design optimizations, we indicate which optimizations are the most pertinent to your project and assist your design teams in implementing them through interactive design workshops.


For an existing building, we assess the actual building’s performance against LEED’s required performance. We then establish a roadmap setting up the necessary building improvements to meet LEED compliance.


We are specialized in sustainable building design and experts in building physics and bioclimatic architecture. We only work for projects with tangible environmental goals and all of our projects are either certified or have demonstrated high environmental performance. Although the desired level of certification is up to the client's wishes and the actual architectural proposal level of performance, we guarantee that our services will support your design in achieving at minimum LEED Gold level.

Will You Reach Gold?

Contact us today to review your project’s potential LEED level.



“We have had great opportunities for collaboration with building consulting and engineering professionals for projects that need specialists in every detail. Green Building Consulting & Engineering was very professional and understood what architects needed as well as provided conceptual and technical support towards environmental sustainable design and energy efficiency.”

—  Suradech Pattanakiatichai , Managing Director of Varda Associates

Our Projects



Ducati new greenfield manufacturing facility

Green Design Consultency, & LEED certification facilitation


Design development


Rayong, Thailand

HD1-Terminal View.tiff


U-Tapao International Airport

Sustainability goal and target setting, Sustainable strategy identification, LEED Consulting.




Bangkok, Thailand



Château Galoupet

LEED certification, Environmental Excellency


Renovation and Extension


Provence, France

How to Get Started


Contact us

Contact us and let us know what and how you would need us to support you.


Initial Project Scope and LEED meeting

We'll schedule a meeting with you to better understand your needs and indicate how we can be of service. We'll also use thi occasion to present you a LEED Introduction.


Preliminary Reporting

After our meeting, if you wish to pursue LEED certification, we will send you a tailored proposal for your project.


Start designing your LEED project

Once we have your confirmation, we'll start off the LEED process by starting to introduce all relevant stakeholders to bioclimatic architecture concepts, LEED requirements and plan for the first design workshops.

Not What You Are Looking For?

Just have a few questions you need answers to or need a quick review of your design concept? Or looking for a different approach? Check out our new building services page or contact us to set up a discovery meeting.

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