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Sustainable Design Consultancy
New Buildings


Our solutions are business driven, technically savvy and result oriented and ensure that we deliver smarter, greener and healthier building projects that translate into an long term added value to both our clients and their customers.

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Sustainable Master Plan

When projects cover multiple areas or large sites, it is key to success to incorporate sustainability principles at a master plan level as well. We assist teams in planning for sustainability and in taking resource management decisions at a site’s scale so as to efficiently cope with projects’ overall carbon footprint, environmental management and use of power and water utilities.

Sustainability Roadmap

We can accompany you throughout your sustainability journey or help you just get started. It’s up to you but either way, we make sure we’ve mapped out key sustainability milestones, set measurable targets, developed a practical action plan and handed you the necessary tools and knowledge to reach a sustainability performance in line with your goals and which resonates with your customers.

Construction Pre-Planning

Plan for Sustainability

Get started



Feasibility Studies

To ensure that your project goals can be reached, we conduct a feasibility analysis of your desired sustainability achievements and assist you in understanding the required implications in terms of resources and timeframe. We use this opportunity to analyse the technical feasibility of features, investigate your project’s green accreditation and certification potential, applicable green incentives and estimate high level budgeting.

Sustainable Goals and Targets Settings

Upon evaluating your project’s opportunities and challenges, we help you identify sustainability priorities that fit your project’s resources and desired results. We then set with you promising yet feasible objectives that we measure and track with key performance indicators of environmental preservation and social wellbeing combined.

Eco Charette

The purpose of a green charrette is to gather all designers to think, define and conceive together the project's' goals and identify early strategies to meet them. This workshop is a fundamental step of the green building design process as a multidisciplinary team collaborates to establish common sustainable objectives, develop green ideas and work plans to achieve high performance building targets.

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Sustainable Strategy Identification

We will explore and identify strategies from sustainable planning and green building design best practices. We have developed a set of pillars which cover all fundamentals of integrated sustainability and will bring meaningful and impactful results to your project. In line with these pillars, we identify and recommend sustainable features which are the most relevant to your project’s set goals and targets.

Transportation and Connectivity

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Community and Cultural Heritage

Responsible Materials

and Consumption 

Indoor Environmental Quality

Carbon Emissions Remediation

Site and Wildlife Preservation

Water Efficiency and Conservation


Design and Construction

Embedd sustainability into your project

Develop your concept

Design Optimization

We study design alternatives, suggest energy and comfort driven improvements, advise design teams in climate responsive design, to achieve high performance building levels.


To do so, we apply best practices from the industry and develop computer models using energy modeling, CFD, water budgeting, comfort analysis to analyze your design’s performance in taking advantage of the local climate and architectural features to supply buildings in ventilation, cooling, lighting and water supply. Once we have made the most of passive design strategies, we advise teams on resource efficient active systems and renewable energy generation.

Design Specifications

Once sustainability targets have been set for the project as a whole and have we identified how each end-use contributes to each sustainability indicator, it’s time to define the building’s features’ and systems attributes.

We then translate these sustainability objectives into actual technical design specifications across disciplines including architecture, M&E, sanitary, lighting, energy and water supply.

We provide key performance data for individual systems, building materials and equipment in line with green building standards.This technical data is also used for selecting compliant materials and products during tendering processes.


Design Facilitation, Project Management & Coordination

Successful green building projects are carefully managed by people who think with a whole building approach and push for a multi disciplinary integration of sustainability principles. With a solid understanding in architecture and engineering, we understand the interconnections between building systems and features and ensure that the desired sustainability performance can be met across disciplines.


In this light, we will guide the design team in making integrated design decisions and in finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the whole design.

Technicians at Work

Green Procurement Support

We know it is not always easy to identify the right partners for your project and that you may not be sure if a particular product complies with your green building requirements. For these reasons, we will assist you in identifying the green building compliant materials, products and systems and identify which suppliers and vendors provide them.


Brand your project with world recognized green building standards

Get your project certified





Qin Wellness Community

Sustainable Master Planning, Design Specifications.




Hainan, China



Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 2

Sustainability goal and target setting, Sustainable strategy identification, LEED Consulting.




Bangkok, Thailand

GEM Perspective render


GEM Olympic Leisure Center

Sustainability goal and target setting, Sustainable strategy identification, Design Optimization, Design Specification.




Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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