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Consulting Services

Have our consultants support your project's sustainability goals.



For project inquiries & to get you started

- ask us anything -


For on call support at a fraction of the cost

- outsource your green capabilities -


For a specific new or existing building where you require green design and sustainability expertise


Get your sustainability questions answered in an hour by our award-winning green building consultant

Are you starting a new project and need sustainability and green building guidance? Or do you have blocking points and need support to vet your project decisions? Do you have just a few specific questions but not looking for to hire a full time consultant?


A Consulting Session allows you to get the information you need and discuss live with our expert consultant at low cost and with no further engagement. It is a lean solution to important questions you need answers to for the next step of your project’s sustainability objectives.

On Hour Consultation Session

Typical Questions Asked

  • I am developing a new eco concept and I would like some initial advice to know if we’re on the right track.

  • I have an existing facility and am looking to improve the energy and water consumption of the building. I would like to know if it is possible, by how much and type of solutions exist on the market.

  • Which certification should I pursue for my project? LEED or WELL or both? Other options?

  • I would like to pursue LEED, I have questions on the process and would like you to brief us on the requirements for our particular project.

  • What are the costs of developing a green building project?

  • Is there a market for it here in the region? I would need data to support the business case for a new project development.

  • Is there any financing incentive for green building developments? How can I access them?

  • What software is more precise to evaluate building performance?

  • Are solar panels cost effective in my climate?

  • What are users looking for in sustainable buildings?

  • What is a typical energy consumption of a hotel?

For Whom?

Project managers, project investors and building owners, project teams and designers

Duration and Structure: One hour consulting session (includes brief presentation on specific question addressed if applicable)

Facilitation: virtual (i.e. Google Meet, Skype)

Price: 260 USD / THB 9000

1. Book a consulting session with us today

Book and schedule a session with us and let us know what you would like to discuss and need our assistance with. We'll then proceed to the payment.

2. Send us your questions and documents for an initial assessment

Send us your specific questions and documents if your have any so we can anticipate your needs and serve you best during our session. 


Our lead consultant will review them and make an initial assessment of your questions and/or project.

3. Get your questions answered by our expert and advance your project’s sustainability goals

Discuss with our award winning green engineer, get your questions answered and proceed with your sustainable project.



Have your own green building expert on call for a fraction of the cost

Have recurring questions or need support on a regular basis but not enough to justify the full time hire of a green building specialist? Have us on your team and on direct dial for exactly the time you need us. Save money, increase your value proposition to your clients and grow competence in forward thinking design practices in your industry.


With a Monthly Retainer, we offer you the convenience of accessing green building and sustainability expertise only when you need it and at a fraction of the cost. 

Expected Benefits

  • On demand access to reliable sustainability expertise

  • Get ongoing value at a discounted rate

  • Third party sustainability and green design validation

  • Expert analysis and guidance throughout all stages of your projects

  • Access and introduction to GBCE's network

  • Preferred rates to our events and partner events

  • Opportunity to feature your green projects in GBCE's and our partners' media channels

For Whom?

Design firms and teams, contractors,

investors and property developers

Workload: minimum 3 days per month

Periodicity: minimum 3 months, renewable

Facilitation Format: in person or on call depending on nature of work

Price: depends on number of days and retainer duration, contact us to enquire packages.

Monthly Retainer

Typical Scope of Work

  • Green building design guidance,

  • Technical support,

  • Assistance with green building certification systems requirements and clarification,

  • Preliminary project assessment,

  • Presentations to clients,

  • Green building and sustainability related marketing materials for your projects,

  • Team capacity building,

  • Recommendations on sustainable solutions,

  • Green procurement support,

  • Response to RFPs in green building capacity,

  • Design review for green building compliance,

  • Introduction to sustainability solutions providers.


1. Contact Us

Contact us and let us know what and how you would need us to support you.

2. Initial Assessment Meeting

We’ll schedule a meeting with you to better understand your needs and indicate how we can be of service.

3. Choose your preferred format

Following our assessment meeting, you’ll receive our retainer proposal with recommended support time.

All you’re left to do is select the number of days you need us for and the duration you want us there for you and we’re set to go.

4. Get your dedicated green building consultant on board

We’re on call and at your service for all your sustainability and green building related matters.

Get ready to increase your sustainability capabilities