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Consulting Services

Have our consultants support your project's sustainability goals.


Integrate cost effective sustainable features into your new and existing projects

Are you developing a new design concept and need a consultant to ensure it is designed to green standards? Are you looking to get your project certified? Do you have a facility for which you would like to improve its energy and water efficiency? Are you looking to develop guidelines or a sustainability program for your operations?


We offer a range of consultancy services from early concept, detailed design to building operations and management. All services are intended to raise the sustainability profile and green performance of your new development of existing property.

For Whom?

Design firms, contractors, investors,

property developers, building owners

For Whom?

Project managers, project investors and building owners, project teams and designers

Duration and Structure: One hour consulting session (includes brief presentation on specific question addressed if applicable)

Facilitation: virtual (i.e. Google Meet, Skype)

Price: 260 USD / THB 9000

Throughout a building's lifetime

New Buildings - conceive, design and develop projects with integrated sustainability features and in compliance with green building standards

Existing Buildings - optimize and upgrade your facilities to improved sustainability performance (energy, water, carbon, waste, health and comfort)

For all building types and sectors


     Offices          Hotels & Resorts         Hospitals             Residences


   Schools             Cultural Facilities       Factories           Infrastructure

Scope of Services

  • Feasibility studies  

  • Sustainability roadmap, story and program development  

  • Benchmark establishment, green goal setting and performance target implementation

  • Sustainable and Smart Master Planning  

  • Sustainable feature identification and cost-impact analysis  

  • Green building design consultancy & building performance optimization  

  • Design specification for high performance buildings (technical brief)  

  • Environmental certification facilitation (LEED, TREES, EDGE, HQE etc.)  

  • Building physics: modeling and simulation (energy modeling, daylighting, comfort, CFD)  

  • Green procurement support : eco friendly materials and green technology and systems 

  • Carbon footprint and resource management optimization  

  • Comfort, health and indoor air quality improvement  

  • Green project management & coordination  

  • Sustainability marketing, communication & CSR engagement

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