Green Building Consulting & Engineering and her founder, Armelle Le Bihan are the proud winners of several awards, recognizing our sustainability know-how and commitment to build a greener future in Asia. 

“It is a great honor to be awarded such a symbolic prize recognizing women’s achievement in advocating sustainability in Asia and we feel proud to be representing it. “ - Armelle Le Bihan


Young Achiever of The Year

Armelle le Bihan has been awarded the Young  Achiever of the Year Award at the RICS South East Asia Awards in Singapore last July.

The Young Achiever of the Year Award acknowledged an outstanding individual who has achieved excellence in their chosen field. The recipient is to represent “the highest standards of professionalism, be a role model for their peers and be capable of making an outstanding contribution to the profession in the course of their future career.” (Source: RICS SE Asia Awards)

" It has been a tremendous journey since I have started my company almost five years ago now and I am proud to be able to mark this award as a milestone in our mission to further develop the green, healthy, smart cities and buildings of Asia." - Armelle Le Bihan


The Eco Star of Asia

Armelle is the proud winner of the Eco Star of Asia 2018, at the Women Eco Game Changer Awards 2018 at the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing, which recognizes youth change makers, aged 18 to 35 in Asia, who have dedicated themselves in bettering our environment through their initiatives and actions. 

The award was attributed on the following criteria: successful implementation of innovative services or solutions, a sustainable operating model and clear long term vision, a significant impact affecting positive change, a tangible and scalable improvement to quality of life for individuals or communities, leadership demonstrated by the commitment to raise awareness and further the sustainability industry and ability to inspire people inside and outside the organisation or network to behave in a more environmentally sustainable way.

“This award is for me an encouragement to continue to design buildings that fight climate change and offers hope that by partnering together we can heal the home we all share, our planet earth. “ - Armelle Le Bihan

Grand Prix Entreprenariat International au Féminin

Armelle Le Bihan has been awarded the « Grand Prix de l’entrepreneuriat International au féminin » at the « Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance » organized by Leaders Leagues and in collaboration with the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, in Paris. 

The award recognizes companies who have demonstrated growth and traction in recent years and relies on a combination of strategy , innovation and social and environmental responsibility.

The prize won by Armelle has been set up this year for the first time and we are very proud to receive this honor.


The Eco-Entrepreneur Award


The Outstanding Female Entrepreneurship Award

Armelle Le Bihan has been awarded both the Eco-Entrepreneur Award and the Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award at Bnow’s 2017 Entrepreneur Now Awards.

The Entrepreneur NOW Awards was organized by BNow in partnership with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM), the Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok University, Bangkok Entrepreneurs, UNESCO, and the international internet-based market research firm, Yougov. By recognizing the top entrepreneurs in Thailand, the awards intend to promote entrepreneurism and attract investors to Thailand and the ASEAN region.

The Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award recognizes women who have been successful in their entrepreneurial journey in Thailand. As for the Eco Entrepreneur Award, it is a proud testimony of our strong commitment to build a greener future in Asia. 





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