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Green Building Consulting & Engineering is an award-winning Thailand based company providing design consultancy and building performance analysis to facilitate project teams in the design of high asset value buildings that improve people’s well-being while preserving the planet. It is a division within Technisoft (Thaïland).


We believe Green Buildings do not only answer environmental issues, but also make economic and social sense. We know Green Building, we think Green Building, we conceive Green Buildings and we are here to help you do just that.



Technisoft (Thailand) Co.Ltd.

71/21 Moo 3, Talard Bangkhen, Laksi

Tel/Fax (02) 521 70 24


We deliver integrated sustainability solutions that people expect and the planet accepts. Engineered along their company values, we support our clients in their sustainability journey by defining their business sustainability strategy, optimizing the design and operations of their building assets, complying with international certification standards and reaching meaningful environmental and social performance targets.

Our work on diverse and exciting projects across Europe and Asia has developed our unique vision and expertise on Sustainable Buildings. We have experience in the design and optimization of office, educational, medical, industrial, cultural, residential and hospitality sustainable building projects in France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia and Thailand.


Low Upfront Costs and High ROI

Our integrative design process and good understanding of cost implications of green features ensures we maximize environmental performance at low cost and create long lasting value for project stakeholders.

High Sustainability Standards

We thrive to support our clients in achieving high levels of sustainability and our consulting process ensures projects meet high certfiication ratings.

Top Tier International and Local Clients

Our international standards and niche expertise attracts clients with high visibility projects who are looking to demonstrate environmental stewardship and excellence.


Sustainable Buildings are buildings which are conceived, designed and built to foster a positive impact on the natural environment and human wellbeing with a minimum use of resources. Sustainable Buildings consume less energy, water and materials while reducing their carbon footprint and improving indoor comfort levels. To do so, these buildings favor climate conditions and architectural features to supply them with ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting and water. It is with a subtle balance of art and science and by holistically approaching buildings, as a whole rather than a sum of parts, that design becomes truly sustainable.


Green Building Consulting & Engineering develops projects accross a variety of sectors such as hospitality, commercial, residential, cultural & educational, healthcare and industrial projects. 

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