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Green operations & Retrofit Consultancy


From carbon footprint assessment to sustainability program implementation, we help you manage operations that uses less water and energy, produce minimized waste and carbon emissions to deliver meaningful eco friendly experiences.



Operations & Management

Sustainable Story and Roadmap

Meaningful experience comes from a strong and coherent message translated from the story and early concept, through design, to operations, to your customers, We will help you craft your own sustainable story and tackle local and global issues which resonate with your company’s stakeholders. From there we design a roadmap tailored to your business priorities and allocated resources. We will map out key sustainability milestones, set measurable targets, develop a practical action plan and hand you the necessary tools and knowledge for you to reach a sustainability performance in line with your sustainable story.


Sustainable Feature Identification

In order to turn your operations into sustainable ones, we will explore and identify strategies that best suits your process and organization demands. We have developed a set of pillars which cover all fundamentals of integrated sustainability and will bring meaningful and impactful results to your business operations. In line with these pillars, we identify and recommend sustainable features which are the most relevant to your business goals, values and customers.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Responsible Landscaping

Indoor Air Quality

Occupant Comfort

Community and Cultural Heritage

Carbon Emissions Remediation


Responsible Consumption 

Waste Management

Water Efficiency and Conservation

Craft your sustainability story

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Sustainability Programmation

We develop tailored programs and provide necessary support to implement them within your property’s business strategy, infrastructure and daily operations. Our programs cover all segments of sustainability (learn more about our sustainability pillars) to ensure a measurable improvement of your bottom line which includes people, planet and profit.

Program Implementation

We help you bridge the gap between identifying suitable green features and actually having them as an integral part of your establishment. For this, we support teams in understanding operational requirements, empower staff with tools and methodology to put actions in place and help you track progress until sustainability is part of your daily operations.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

We provide carbon footprint assessments of your business operations that we measure with international standards methodology. Our assessments go beyond simply accounting for emissions as we look into ways to minimize your impacts within your direct operations and throughout the supply chain. In the process of reducing your overall carbon footprint, we advise on low carbon strategies, provide technical support for their implementation and training to operational teams as well as guidance for carbon offsetting options.

Resource Management Optimization

Efficient and sustainable operations are measured by their productive yet responsible use of resources. Utilities in the form of energy and water to provide air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, lighting and specific needs pertaining to your industry can cost you your profit margins when mismanaged. We analyze your energy and water consumption and suggest high return operational and technical improvements to cut back operational wastage, optimize usage and increase efficiency of building systems and equipment, adopt energy and water saving best practices and reduce your overall utility bills while raising the environmental engagement of your business.

Crowd Cheering
Energy Efficiency Consultation

Implement sustainability in your daily operations

Design your program



Property Assessment

We will conduct an assessment of your building features, systems’ technical specifications, your current practice and consumption in order to identify wastage and areas for improvement, set targets and develop indicators to reach better efficiency and achieve high sustainability performance standards.

Green Building Features and Systems Selection

Based upon cost-impact indicators, we will define a renovation implementation strategy and propose solutions to reduce your building’s carbon footprint, improve resource efficiency and promote your users experience and wellbeing. Our unique engineering understanding between your business operations and your building features and systems enables us to provide you with solutions that have a high ROI and are practical to implement.

Cleaning the Filters

Comfort, Health, Indoor Quality Improvement (IEQ)

The quality and comfort of indoor environments result from an interrelation of building systems and controls, the building architecture and human behavior. We investigate both architectural and mechanical features, so as to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and pinpoint the root cause of indoor environmental quality issues or areas for improvement. We then advise on relevant building elements, settings, systems, equipments, materials and products solutions to elevate the comfort and health of your occupants.


Energy and Water Saving optimization

When it comes to building retrofitting, it is most often motivated by a desire to refresh interiors and infrastructures for aesthetics purposes or because they have just become too old. This is also in fact an excellent opportunity to bring added value to your assets by raising the sustainability profile of your built environment. To do so, we assess your property’s performance and suggest improvements to upgrade your building systems and renovate the building’s envelope to reach higher energy efficiency,  use more environmentally friendly material resources and comply with green building standards.

Building Performance


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