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Takeaways from The Green Real Estate

We had a great time last Thursday at The Green Real Estate event!

Thank you so much for taking part in our group of industry professionals bringing up the #green, #healthy, #smart real estate in the region. Thank you to all our partners, sponsors and speakers for the support and insightful talks. We were grateful to count all of you among our audience and hope to see you again next year.

And in case you were unable to attend, here is what was going on that day.

Objective and Expectations of The Green Real Estate

The single track half day event was designed to cross all industry segments from business, marketing, economics, implementation, to product and technology in order to draw a whole picture of the green real estate development in Thailand and ASEAN.

The event was attended by property developers, owners and investors and industry professionals who were catered with our guest speakers' expertise to grasp the green building market in the region, uphold financial and consumer drivers, learn about existing regulations and investment incentives, evaluate different green building certifications, get equipped with best design practices, understand process implications and find out about existing products and technologies.

Keynote address by Dr. Supachai Tantikom

We are honored to receive Bangkok’s Chief Resilience Officer, Dr. Supachai Tantikom, who opened the event by giving a keynote address to our audience.

"We need to start planning for the future. Building sustainable cities is the start but businesses need to find ways to create more jobs for people living in the area. Instead of building expensive housing at low cost value, we should focus on green cities that work for everyone."

Dr. Supachai Tantikom holds the role of advisor to the governor of Bangkok in overseeing the infrastructure developments, climate change, sustainability development and green growth.

Our Tech Talks: design, technology and material considerations

During these tech talks, key industry segment experts addressed both the technical aspects and the business specifics of a particular building topic and its green building solution.

Olivier Gibert, Managing Director of Somfy Thailand spoke about embedding sustainability through technology in the objective of improving comfort of occupants and the energy performance of buildings.


As for Sompun Leelapunyaporn, Group Product Manager for Saint Gobain Gyproc, he explained how materials play a role on the air we breathe in our buildings.

Armelle Le Bihan, founder and CEO of Green Building Consulting & Engineering, shared best practices on how to translate sustainability intents into actionable performant design blueprints. Armelle took us through the need for better buildings, the process of developing sustainable building concepts and the importance to start from a cohesive story to deliver an authentic and meaningful experience.

"We need better buildings. it's time to build people, not just buildings; to build spaces that truly make people happen."

The Green Real Estate

The audience got an overview of the fundamentals behind these types of buildings such as holding a holistic approach, integrating bioclimatic features, following an integrative design process, relying on a collaborative multidisciplinary team and setting both planet and people metrics to be met by design, construction and operations.

Project Showcase: Behind The Scenes of The PARQ

The audience got to be inspired by The PARQ, a cutting-edge, innovative development with people and planet at heart which “redefines what it means to work, live and play in Bangkok.”

In this exclusive behind the scenes, Anthony Arundell, Director, Sustainability, Smart City, CUP Estate Management, of Frasers Property took us through the development of The PARQ, and their people-centric and sustainable appraoch as well as the supporting green and smart features of the designed to be “ first mixed-use building to achieve WELL Certification in Thailand.”

"Truly intelligent buildings learn and adapt in real time, constantly optimizing not only energy performance but also the occupant experience."

Anthony insisted on the importance of new technology to enhance the quality of life of participants and explained how the learnings from the data gathered could be "a catalyst for innovation" and halp in improving the liveability of our cities.

Developer Interview with Frasers Property

During our interview with Frasers Property, Anthony Arundell and Dan Tantisunthorn, Senior Vice President, Asset Development, shared the motivations and challenges of developing mixed-use green, healthy and smart developments in Thailand.

Dan explained that what "Frasers' concepts were resonating with tenants" and that this was something worth paying for.

"It's key for us to invest in people for a return on investment."

Panel Disucssion: Green Development Appraisal, market insight, regulation landscape, financial spectrum

The expert-driven panel intended to draw a value narrative for green real estate in the region. The panel conversation addressed the market trends, green investment incentives and legal aspects supporting the adoption of green commercial developement in the region.

Andrew Gulbrandson, Associate Director and Head of Research and Consulting at JLL Thailand presented green building market intelligence on the Thai and ASEAN market and share his views on the factors driving such developments.

Audray Souche, Managing Director & Partner at DFDL shared her insight about the regulation landscape of green building certifications as well as energy efficiency and investment incentives to develop and retrofit buildings in Thailand.

The whole was followed by a networking cocktail where the audience composed of property developers, land owners and investors, real estate consultants and building professionals got an opportunity to exchange with peers in a relaxed afterwork setting.

Thank you again to our partners and sponsors, PropertyGuru Propert Report, Somfy Group, Archetype Group, DFDL, Saint Gobain Gyproc for their support in promoting better buildings in the region. And last but not least, thank you to our guest speakers for sharing their insights, knowledge and expertise with us. See you next year!

Media Partner: PropertyGuru Property Report

Design & Construction Official Sponsor: Archetype Group

Technology Official Sponsor: Somfy Group

Legal Offcial Sponsor: DFDL

Material Official Sponsor: Saint Gobain Gyproc

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