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Twofold Celebration: World Green Building Week and 3 Year Anniversary!

Today is for me a twofold cause for celebration! Not only is it the kickoff of this year’s World Green Building Week but it’s also been 3 fulfilling years that I have started off my business to save the planet with buildings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have placed their trust in me and with whom we have worked towards a brighter, greener future.

So to start off this week of green building inspirations, I would like to share my insight with you about the 10 key drivers which have compelled my clients to take on Green Building projects.

Top 10 Green Building Drivers


Good for our Profit

  1. Decrease operational costs

  2. Increase asset value

  3. Increase occupation rates

Good for our Company Culture

  1. Commit to CSR

  2. Improve employees productivity

  3. Enhance customer loyalty

Good for our Planet

  1. Reduce environmental impact

  2. Lower carbon footprint

  3. Comply with environmental regulations

And last but not least because it is the right thing to do!


Stay tuned for more coming up in the week to celebrate #WGBW2017 !

Learn more about the World Green Building Week:

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