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Green Building Consulting & Engineering Winner of Entrepreneur Now Awards 2017

It is with utmost pleasure that I announce to you that I have been awarded both the Eco-Entrepreneur Award and the Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award at BNow’s 2017 Entrepreneur Now Awards. The awards comprise of a total of 2 million Thai bath of prizes including business coaching, PR, marketing, IT optimization, cloud based services and PNL seminars.



The Entrepreneur NOW Awards was organized by BNow in partnership with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM), the Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok University, Bangkok Entrepreneurs, UNESCO, and the international internet-based market research firm, Yougov.

By recognizing the top entrepreneurs in Thailand, the awards intend to promote entrepreneurism and attract investors to Thailand and the ASEAN region.

The awards were attributed on 7 criteria: (1) uniqueness, (2) vision and potential growth, (3) value in Thailand & ASEAN, (4) eco-sustainability, (5) striking achievements, (6) overcoming challenges and (7) recognition and traction.

To be eligible, entrepreneurs were asked to complete an online application and submit a 3-minute video about themselves and their company. Thirty entrepreneurs were then shortlisted to participate to a networking evening where they were invited to pitch the credentials of their businesses.


The Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award recognizes women who have been successful in their entrepreneurial journey in Thailand.

As for the Eco Entrepreneur Award, it is

a proud testimony of our strong commitment to build a greener future in Asia.


This is an excellent kick-start of the year for Green Buildings and Women and I am looking forward for us to develop opportunities to design and build Green Buildings together!


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