Guest speaker for ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week

It was a pleasure and privilege for us to be a guest speaker for the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week on last Wednesday. Our presentation entitled “An integrated design approach to sustainable buildings in Asia” explored how rapid and massive urbanization in the region coupled with climate change leads to environmental and social challenges which need to be addressed at both city and building levels. Today, out of the world’s 35 megacities, 21 are located in Asia with populations exceeding 10 million people. Meanwhile, many of these cities are not equipped for mega populations and the adversity of climate change. They are subject to frequent flooding, drastic temperature hikes and exceed by as

Solar Energy, a great opportunity for Thailand

Nowadays, experts are trying to make people understand that they can be active players in a sustainable world, threatened by climate issues, by taking actions at their own scale. In a serie of four articles, we will discuss how using solar energy power supplies electricity and hot water, how to reduce carbon footprint and how to manage water and plastic bags waste help us preserve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Supplying your building with renewable energy, such as solar energy, is a good way to reduce the overall consumption of your building, while contributing to a more sustainable planet. What is the potential of Thailand in terms of solar energy? Sun being the maj

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