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Increase Indoor Air Quality with Indoor Green Walls

Did you know that plants can act as non-mechanical air filtration systems that increase the indoor air quality within buildings? By integrating an indoor green wall into your projects you can also earn LEED points: Indoor Environmental Quality Credit - IAQ Best Management Practices: Reduce Particulates in Air Distribution. In addition, indoor green walls provide building occupants with views that promote quality views and promote a better indoor environment.

In our recent work on the U-Tapao City Airport, we integrated an indoor green wall as part of the schematic design. ​​The U-Tapao Airport City is part of the EEC's mega infrastructure projects to develop the region as an economic hub.

GBCE were the sustainability and green building consultants for the winning bid design and have worked as part of the Technical Advisors team to the BBS consortium. Learn more about the U-Tapao City Airport project.