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Speaker at Bangkok's 1rst Sustainability & CSR Fair - June 1rst

Armelle Le Bihan will be speaking alongside Virginie Hochard from Archetype at Bangkok's 1rst Sustainability & CSR Fair happening on June 1rst!

Come and join us to learn how we have worked together to

design a Green Olympic stadium in the most polluted capital city in the world!

We will be presenting our collaboration on the GEM Olympic Leisure Center in Mongolia and elaborating on the topic of High Performance Design: integrating sustainable practice in the design process.

Here is a snapshot of what the presentation will be about:

With temperatures ranging from -30 °C to + 30°C in the most polluted capital city in the world, designing Mongolia’s Olympic Stadium is as much about minimizing energy consumption as it is about protecting the environment and people.Focusing on reducing demand before implementing energy efficient solutions, we’ve integrated climate responsive design strategies which take advantage of the sun, wind and architectural features to supply the building with ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and water supply.It is by approaching the building as a whole and by combining the architectural vision and engineering skills early on in the design process that a project is transformed into a High performance Green building.

Reserve your seat and mark your agendas, we are scheduled to speak from 3:30 to 4:00pm on Thursday, June 1rst!

Visit the website for more information:
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