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Get your next project going with our green design brief

We're excited to present to you our brand new design brief. The lockdown has gotten us inspired and looking for better ways to reach to our customers and we came up with this green design brief.

Why did we come up with it and who is this for?

We’ve come across a lot of aspiring green project developers in our years managing GBCE. Many of them are already persuaded about the enormous value sustainable and people centered projects have for their customers, investors and communities. Many of them have a general idea that this must be thought for early in the process and that it requires a technical and strategic expertise that we happen to have. So they come to us in the search of recommendations to advance the sustainability agenda of their project. We get asked things like how long does it take, which certification should I go for, what design criteria should I include, what should I target, where should I start, who do I need? They often have high perceptions on added time, resources and upfront costs which in reality these projects don’t have.

And because it looks like much to take on, these dreams of better buildings are left on a canvas board never to be experienced. We wanted to change that.

We realize it might be a change of process and we wanted to explain how it completes yours in place. We realize it might be complex subjects and we wanted to simplify them with tangible and actionable design principles. We realize it might be difficult to convince owners and investors of the investment opportunity and we wanted you to have the evidence to back it up. We know it’s not easy to get a consultant on board and to allocate a budget for something management is not set forth with. But we still wanted you to have the means to start (and to keep possible) to align your design specifications with your aspiring goals. We think budget restrictions can be moved with comprehensible information but first and foremost that budget must not stop us from bringing up greener, smarter and healthier buildings and cities to live in. We also wanted to take this occasion to set records straight, that green buildings are not more expensive, that the materials they are made of are market available and cost effective, that we hold the capabilities to bring them up and that last but not least there is a genuine demand for them here and now.

It surely is not the same as having a consultant on your project but for a fraction of the price, it’s pretty close. Close enough to get you started and feel comfortable with the idea of green design and we’re never far away when you would need us to step it up to design implementation.


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