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Celebrating 7 years of GBCE !

📣🥳This month and year is a very special one for us as we are celebrating GBCE’s 7 years anniversary. Seven is kind of a magic number in the business world. And for a good reason, it usually takes 7 years for a business to be successful and we’re really grateful to have made it so far.

---------------------- Message from GBCE’s Founder & CEO

I was fired up when I started GBCE, and seven years later I'm still as motivated as I could be.

Sure the road wasn't paved for an easy path and if you’re in sustainability, you know what I am talking about. Changing minds, hearts and pushing for alternative ways of doing business is not an easy task. All my friends and colleagues who are in the business of sustainability will tell you the same thing. That driving change is a tiresome, painful process. But the result is immensely humbling and invigorating.

I just can't imagine doing anything else. Working towards creating lasting change and having a positive impact on our planet has always been what deeply motivated me in building GBCE. All in all, with the ongoing support of our team and partners, we’ve managed to push through the barriers and take on the challenges that were in our way. And along this journey, we’ve met amazing people, clients, partners and colleagues who have made us who we are today. We couldn't be more proud of the projects we’ve built, the milestones we’ve achieved and the contribution to a greener world we've been able to make with you.

In celebration of this milestone, we’ll be going back to some of the projects that remind us why we are doing what we are doing.

And if I could make a birthday wish on this day it would be this one: please continue to make a difference with us.


Special Thanks to all those who have supported us along the way.