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Svarga Loka

Hospitality, Destination Resort & Spa

Credit: Archetype

Credit: Svarga Loka


  • Sustainability Program Implementation

  • Sustainability Performance Assessment

In our ongoing partnership with Destination Spa Management (DSM), we have been developing their internal Sustainability Program, Treading Gently which covers all aspects of sustainability from energy conservation to sustainable food and healthy building materials. Today, we are very proud to have implemented this program to one of their properties. Svarga Loka is a wellness destination resort located in Bali which offers luxury accommodation amid nature. As a wellness consultancy and hospitality management company, DSM was desirous to offer a hotel facility in line with the health, wellbeing and comfort statement of their services and products. In this objective, we've conducted an assessment of the hotel’s current operations, buildings, systems and proposed a set of measures to improve the overall environmental performance and reach the desired sustainability targets. We are now in the process of implementing them gradually.

Fact sheet

Client: Destination Spa Management

Capacity: 35 keys

Facilities: restaurant , wellness center, pool

Status: On-going (since 2017)

Website: Svarga Loka

« Svarga Loka offers wellness retreats paralleled by expert practitioners, therapists and staff. The resort includes Luxury accommodation, a cutting edge detox and wellness centre, a Balinese spa, yoga and meditation halls, martial arts centre, healthy dining restaurant and relaxation pools. » Svarga Loka


Our client, desirous to offer a hotel facility in line with the health, wellbeing and comfort statement of their wellness services decided to optimize their hotel sustainability performance.


  • Sustainability program implementation

  • Hotel sustainability performance assessment

  • Sustainable features provision

  • Implementation assessment matrix including recommended strategies and achievement status

  • Project coordination and progress follow up

  • Technical and administrative implementation support

Sustainability targets and examples of features

Bulk amenities to reduce waste from packaging

Chemical free pool water treatment

Overhangs to protect against solar heat gains

Outdoor common areas use natural ventilation for cooling purposes therefore reducing dependence of fossil fuel energy

Natural light integration

Use of native plants in landscaping

Organic local food

Bicycles accessible to guests for sustainable commute to Ubud

Responsible Materials and Consumption 

Water Efficiency and Conservation

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Carbon Emissions Remediation

Transportation and Connectivity

Indoor Environmental Quality

Site and Wildlife Preservation

Community and Cultural Heritage

“Armelle helped to start, shape and build our unique sustainability programme, Treading Gently. Armelle guided us through the various options and once we were all in agreement on the most important aspects she built presentation materials to help us to communicate our standards to clients. This was invaluable for DSM, Armelle took charge of the work and presented it bit by bit making sure we were fully aware of the process and journey. We are really enjoying working with Armelle and will continue to use her services as more projects become live."

—  Joy Menzies, Managing Director at DSM

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