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Princess Grace Hospital

Healthcare Building

This project has been undertaken during employment at Vasconi Associés Architectes (2009-2010).

HQE Environmental Profile Optimization

The Princess Grace Hospital aimed to be certified by the French environmental rating system HQE ("Haute Qualité Environnementale"). Our role was to evaluate, follow up and optimize the environmental profile and to propose solutions to achieve the defined green goals.

Vasconi Architects Associates

Fact sheet

Client: Principauté de Monaco

Principal Architect: Vasconi Associés Architectes

MEP, Civil and Structural Engineer: INGEROP - IOSIS

Sustainable Consultants: CEDRE and SORANE

Total GFA: 80,000 m²


  • Feasibility assessment

  • Environmental profile progress follow up

  • Credits optimization: consulting and coordination

  • Technical Proposals


The project aimed to be certified with the French environmental rating system HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale).

Our mission was to advise and present adapted solutions for HQE credits requirements such as:

  • Visual Comfort (Credit 10): increasing daylight availability through architectural features

  • Energy (Credit 4): providing techincal advice for energy efficient HVAC systems

Credit: Vasconi Associés Architectes

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