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Project Royal Canin

Cambrai, France

  • Sustainability Goals and KPI Setting

  • LEED Certification Consultancy and Implementation

  • Cost impact analysis

  • Waste heat and water reuse

  • Building performance optimization



GBCE is glad to support the renowned pet food chain Royal Canin in obtaining the LEED Gold certification for their new office in Cambrai, France.



GBCE has been awarded the Sustainability Consultancy for Royal Canin’s new office. As such, we are supporting their organization in implementing sustainable strategies for their new office on the industrial site of Cambrai and establishing office-relevant KPIs to improve their operational and infrastructure environmental profile. Royal Canin is aiming to achieve LEED Gold certification, for which we are working in collaboration with the design team EDEIS and Fox Design to ensure green features and strategies are well incorporated into the design and meet the performance required by the environmental ratings and set targets.

Fact Sheet

Client: Royal Canin

Design & Engineering Firm: EDEIS

Interior Design: Fox Design


Type: Office

Location: Cambrai, France

Building Area: 2 450 m²

Anticipated date of completion: 2025


Project Stage GBCE Intervention: Design, Construction, Operations

Sustainability Objective: LEED Gold

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