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Qin Wellness Community

Hospitality, Wellness Community
Hainan, China

Credit: DSM

Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting & Engineering worked with Destination Spa Management to provide green building consulting services for the new Qin Wellness Community in Hainan, China. We developed a technical design brief to guide the project's design towards high performance levels by defining a set of sustainable goals and targets.

Fact sheet

Client: Confidential

Architect: Melt (UK)

Local Architect: P&T Architects and Engineers

Project Area: 22,000 m²

Facilities: wellness marketplace, clinic, spa, club, treatment complex, 110 room hotel


Development and definition of sustainable goals and performance targets on the following subjects:

  • Site preservation

  • Sustainable transportation

  • Energy conservation

  • Water conservation

  • Materials and resources

  • Indoor environmental quality

  • Management and operations

  • Performance monitoring

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