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Pomme de Pain Boulogne

Food and Beverage, Restaurant
Boulogne-Billancourt, France

  • Sustainability Goals and KPI Setting

  • LEED Certification Consultancy and Implementation

  • Cost impact analysis

  • Building performance optimization

  • Green materials procurement and vendor selection support



GBCE is glad to be able to support the renowned French food chain Pomme de Pain in obtaining the LEED Platinum certification for their restaurant in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Parisian region.



GBCE has been working with TDR design firm to embed sustainability initiatives in the design, construction and operations of Pomme de Pain’s freshly renovated restaurant in Boulogne Billancourt in France. GBCE’s role was to support the team throughout the LEED certification process, ensure that strategies needed to comply were integrated across the project and provide guidance to select strategies from a cost-impact perspective. We also supported the architects and contractor in selecting appropriate materials and technology and finding relevant suppliers in the locality. The client has high sustainability ambitions for his brand and has demonstrated his commitment to environmental excellency by aiming LEED Platinum for its first certified project. The restaurant proudly exhibits its sustainability initiatives through an on site educational program where guests can learn about the energy efficiency, water conservation, low carbon and toxic free materials put in place across the facility.


Fact Sheet

Client : Pomme de Pain

Design Firm : TDR


Sector : Retail 

Type : Food and Beverage - Restaurant

Location : Boulogne-Billancourt, France


Building Area : 170  m2 

Facilities : dining area, kitchen, office

Date of completion : 2023

Project Stage GBCE Intervention : Design, Construction, Operations

Sustainability Objective : LEED Platinum certification

Sustainability targets and features


Sustainability Objective : LEED Platinum certification


  • Heat recovery

  • Energy efficient lighting and lighting controls

  • Water efficient sanitary fixtures

  • Reclaimed furniture

  • Low emitting materials and paints

  • Air filtration and monitoring

  • Daylight integration in living spaces

  • Construction and demolition waste segregation and reduction

Focus: Responsible Materials


As green building and sustainability consultants of Pomme de Pain, we embarked on an exciting partnership with the project team to realize their vision of a sustainable restaurant. Our mission: to infuse the project with Eco-consciousness, particularly in the crucial realm of materials selection and usage.


Our journey began with a firm commitment to advocating for the integration of salvaged materials. Collaborating closely with the design team, we meticulously scoured opportunities to repurpose reclaimed wood, fixtures, and other elements, infusing the restaurant's ambiance with a unique, characterful flair. This not only bestowed a distinct charm upon the space but also significantly reduced the project's environmental impact by diverting materials away from landfills. Remarkably, the project team managed to repurpose doors, glazing, flooring, partitions, and false ceilings from the existing structure, amounting to a commendable 59% of reused material within the internal furniture alone. This not only slashed demolition waste destined for landfills but also contributed to a notable reduction in carbon emissions, aligning perfectly with our sustainability objectives.


In parallel, we championed the utilization of products boasting Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Rigorously assessing the lifecycle impact of each material, we ensured that our choices harmonized with the client's sustainability aspirations. From low-emission tiles and flooring materials to eco-friendly laminates, electric, and plumbing fixtures, every facet was meticulously scrutinized to diminish environmental footprints without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.


Our collaboration culminated in the creation of a sustainable restaurant that stands as a beacon of environmental responsibility. Through the strategic integration of salvaged materials and EPD-certified products, we've not only crafted a visually captivating space but also set a precedent for conscientious construction practices within the industry.



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