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Medical and Research Facility
Saclay, France

Credit: Archetype

Credit: Vasconi Associés Architectes

Thermal Comfort Optimization

The prestigious medical and research facility, Neurospin, has asked us to help them improve the thermal comfort of their spaces and well-being of their occupants.

Vasconi Architects Associates

Fact Sheet

Client: Neurospin, CEA

Architect: Vasconi Associés Architectes

Gross Floor Area: 11,500 m²

Facilities: N/A

Project stage: Renovation 

Status: Completed


  • Evaluation of current situation using HVAC and architectural plans and utility bills data

  • Delimitation of the thermal comfort issue and data analysis

  • Suggestion of most probable causes of discomfort

  • Proposition of tiered solutions and recommendations to optimize thermal comfort based on technical and financial feasibility

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