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Healthcare Facility (Confidential)

Healthcare Facility
Bangkok, Thailand

Credit: Archetype

Green Building Consuling

​Green Building Consulting & Engineering participated in a pretigious competition for a new Healthcare Institution in Bangkok. As Green Building consultants, we paired up with Archetype Thailand, design firm in Bangkok to propose a state of the art, functional, aesthetic, high performant and environmentally friendly facility.

Client: Confidential

Architect: Archetype (Thailand)

Gross Floor Area: 24,000 m²

Facilities: 2 clinical buildings, 1 car park

Project stage: Design

Status: N/A

Website: Archetype


  • Green Building Consulting for high performance building level

  • Building's Relationiship with its environments study

  • Solar exposure and radiation analysis

  • Orientation and mass optimization through Building Physics Studies

  • Natural Ventilation feasability analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Solar PV potential and estimation

Capturing the light, harnessing the energy


We analyzed the project's potential to harness energy through solar panels and capture light through sky domes to supply the building with natural light during the day and free artificial light at nightime.

Incident Solar Radiation on building group envelope

Removing the heat

As overheating is a major issue in a tropical city like Bangkok, we put an accent on ensuring that we did not bring unwanted heat into the building. The envelope is protected by the integration of efficient shading devices, green facades and roofs and high performance windows.  


To further emphasize this cooling effect, we studied the buildings orientation and shape to enhance natural ventilation within the building group corridors.

Airflow pattern in between building group

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