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Nine Points

Boutique Hotel
Riverside Bangkok, Thailand

Sustainability Goals Setting
Green Building Consultancy

We were called on early in the concept stage to assist in the integration of sustainability goals and features for a 30 key high boutique hotel on the Chao Phraya River. Our work, the defined sustainability targets and the choice of design features reflected the expectations of our client’s customers, millennial business travelers, who are looking for stays in line with their environmentally responsible lifestyles and values.

Client: Lancaster

Capacity: 30 keys

Facilities: restaurant, urban garden, pool area, multi-function area

Project stage: Conceptual Design

Status: Completed


We offered green design consultancy to set up the hotel’s sustainable goals and conceive a property which minimized the use of water and energy needed for the property’s operation in line with millennial target customers expectations for responsible hospitality.


  • Introduction to team to sustainability foundations and concepts

  • Green charette for strategies exploration and development

  • Interactive design optimization for high performance sustainable buildings: orientation, massing, space layout, envelope and facade.


Sustainability targets and examples of features

Local materials for interior design decorations


Urban aquaponic garden

Natural light integration

Rainwater harvesting for landscape and decorative fountains

Adjustable openings for natural ventilation in dining areas

Low carbon solutions such as natural ventilation and daylighting integration


Responsible Materials and Consumption 

Water Efficiency and Conservation

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Carbon Emissions Remediation

Transportation and Connectivity

Indoor Environmental Quality

Site and Wildlife Preservation

Community and Cultural Heritage

Non-contractual photo

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