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Terminal 2 Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

Terminal 2 Bangkok International Airport

We are very proud to share our design proposal for Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Terminal 2. Green Building Consulting & Engineering participated in the Terminal 2 design competition as part of the Varda Associates / Wise Project Consulting (WPC) / Junglim Architecture Consortium. Three other groups responded to the AOT call for entries to compete for the design of Terminal 2 : SA Group, DBALP also known as the Duangrit Bunnag Group and Beaumont Partners.


As part of the Suvarnabhumi Terminal 2 design competition, we supported the design team in developing a sustainable design concept in line with LEED requirements.

The concept is environmentally friendly by design as the green features were integrated early on with the architectural vision in mind. We developed a series of passive and active design strategies with stacking functions that improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and improve the indoor air quality of the terminal and plaza buildings. By relying on bioclimatic architecture design techniques, we are able to significantly reduce energy and water demand and related utility costs throughout the buildings life. The energy savings and choice of eco friendly materials both reduce the carbon footprint of the overall terminal 2 and promotes the airport's positive impact on the environment.

Our early and effective collaboration enabled the integration of green features across all disciplines and aligned our design with high performance sustainability standards.As a result, this airport terminal concept yields multiple returns from minimizing the environmental footprint, promoting a healthy indoor environment for passengers and staff and reducing operational costs.

Even if we have not been awarded this time, we would like to thank the team and especially Khun Suradech Pattanakiatichai (Gym) of Varda Associates, Khun Vutichai Onnom of Wise Project Consulting (WPC), Khun Tatsana Nilaward and Khun Pila Rattarangsi for the great opportunity and the excellent work arising from our collaboration which resulted in a state of the art sustainable and efficient design concept.

More about our design concept and sustainable features:

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