Green Building Vision

Green Building Consulting & Engineering is an award-winning company creating high performance profitable buildings that promote people's well-being by supporting environmental sustainability.

We intervene at all stages of the building's life:
• At DESIGN level where you have the opportunity to integrate sustainability features at the core of the building which will drive the performance.
• At RENOVATION level where you have an opportunity to upgrade the efficiency of your building.
• At OPERATION level where you have an opportunity to manage the performance of your establishment.

As a sustainability expert, green building engineer, we deliver international speeches where she shares our passion for the planet and a green future.

Our Services

Concept & Design

Bring added value to your building by integrating green features into your project's identity

We create high performance buildings by defining your sustainability strategy, optimizing your design and complying with international certification standards. 

We cover everything from energy savings to sustainable procurement whether you would like to decrease your operational costs, upgrade to high performance standards or become an exmplary green hotel. 

Operations & Renovation

Decrease your operational costs and gain a competitive edge by converting to sustainability.


Get inspired by sustainability in action that you can apply to your business

We share our experience in bringing sustainability in business core values and practices to engage with your audience and drive them in taking action in creating value through environmental sustainability. 

Start your green project with us

When Saving the Planet makes Business sense.

Services offered

  • Sustainability identity definition and program development

  • Benchmark establishment, Green Goal setting and Performance Target implementation

  • Sustainable Master Planning

  • Green Building Strategies’ Exploration and Identification

  • Green Building Project Management & Coordination

  • Green Building Design Consultancy

  • Building Performance Optimization

  • Environmental Certification Facilitation (i.e. LEED, EDGE)

  • Building Physics Analysis

  • Modeling & Simulation (Energy modeling, daylighting, comfort, CFD etc.)

  • Sustainability Marketing & CSR Engagement

  • Green Education





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