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Sludge Treatment Facility 

Industrial :
Hong Kong, China

Credit: Vasconi Associés Architectes

This project has been undertaken during employment at Vasconi Associés Architectes (2009-2010).


HK-BEEAM Environmental Certification Progress Follow Up

"The Hong Kong Government's Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has embarked on a major project to construct the largest sludge treatment plant in the world. The facility is located at Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun. Construction works for the facility commenced in 2010 and are slated for completion in 2013." 



  • Architectural Conceptualization

  • HK-BEAM Certification Feasibility Coordination and Follow up

  • Presentations

Vasconi Architects Associates

Fact sheet

Client: Hong Kong Government's Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

Leading Architect: Vasconi Associés Architectes

Local Architect: P&T Architects and Engineers

Geotechnical and Power Designers: ARUP and Leighton-John Holland Joint Venture

Technical Designers: VEOLIA Waters and Environmental Services

Waste Treatment Capacity: 2,000 tons/day

Energy Generation: 20 MW of electricity

Provisional Budget: 660 million AUD

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