Second Edition of the Sustainability for Business Forum 2018

On May 24th, 2018, took place the Second Edition of the Sustainability for Business Forum 2018, at FYI Ananda Center, Bangkok. For this second edition, as an active member of the Multi-Chamber Sustainability Committee, Green Building Consulting & Engineering co-organized the event and organized the Sustainability in the hospitality industry track, the Sustainable Value Chain track and the Green tech and smart buildings track. As a speaker in the Sustainability in the hospitality industry track, Armelle Le Bihan demonstrated how hotels can integrate step by step sustainability within their facilities, covering engineering, operations to corporate policies. To support this roadmap, she was jo

Winner of the Grand Prix de l'entreprenariat International au féminin

We are thrilled to announce that Armelle Le Bihan has been awarded at the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance. On May 17th, 2018, Armelle Le Bihan, founder and director of Green Building Consulting & Engineering was the proud winner of the « Grand Prix de l’entrepreneuriat International au féminin » at the « Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance », organized by Leaders League and in collaboration with the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, in Paris. The award recognizes companies who have demonstrated growth and traction in recent years and relies on a combination of strategy, innovation and social and environmental responsibility. Moreover, this award is an opportunity for Arme

Bringing Thermal comfort through green design and smart technology

Buildings being made for people to live in, must take into account human comfort, while being designed. As a matter of fact, comfortable indoor environments increase occupants’ productivity, health and overall well-being. In a serie of four articles, we will look into different performance indicators, such as visual comfort, acoustic comfort, air quality and thermal comfort, that can be designed and improved in order to promote occupant’s well being. This article will focus on thermal comfort and how it contributes to a comfortable indoor environment towards green buildings and smart buildings. What is thermal comfort? When we think of thermal comfort, air temperature is the first variable t

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