Green Building Consulting & Engineering launches new logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company. After careful consideration, we chose a new logo that reflects our mind-set and our design approach for “green to be design” rather than design to be greened. We wanted this new logo to strengthen our position on Green Buildings and our vision for truly integrated sustainability. Indeed, we believe that the conception of profitable, healthy and efficient buildings comes from envisaging buildings holistically, as a whole rather than a sum of parts. By modernizing our logo, we want our clients and partners to know that we continue to bring about the best environmentally sustainable design prac

Focus on green roofs, a sustainable solution for solar heat gain issues

Credit: Siam Green Sky - SCG Southeast Asian countries as Thaïland have a tropical climate influenced by monsoon winds. Because of that, these countries suffer regularly from high temperatures and heavy rainy seasons. This variations cause periods of drought and extreme heat during which energy consumption explodes and periods of flooding that drains pollution into the ground and potentially damage urban installations. Green roofs are an excellent solution to prevent tropical climate challenges. A vegetated roof protects the indoor spaces against heat transfer and limits the urban heat island effect around the site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) describes this phenomenon as “buil

3 ways how IoT contributes to Hospitality

Although Internet Of Things is recently on everyone’s lips, it has been around for some time and has been helping hoteliers overcome some of the industry challenges. #1 – Reduce costs through energy savings Hospitality is highly concerned with energy consumption and its costs as “Energy is the second largest spending category for a hotel after employment”, according to Energy Solutions. (Source - HotelNewsNow) As hoteliers cannot control the customers’ behavior, solutions have been developed in order to save energy without the user manual interaction. For instance, an innovative technique called daylight sensors aims to save energy while increasing indoor lighting uniformity. The technique c

International Women’s Day: light on an outstanding female entrepreneur

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the PR team behind Green Building Consulting & Engineering wanted to share the story of a successful female entrepreneur. And what better way to do so than by shedding the light on our own director and founder, Armelle Le Bihan, who happens to have her birthday on this very day! As a successful business woman and winner of the Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Awards 2017, Armelle shares her experience and retrospective on her entrepreneurial journey so far. Question #1. How did you start from scratch in a country that isn’t yours with a service almost unheard of and no market demand in the ASEAN? “When you start from scratch you have to understand the m

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